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About the Rugby Kicking Academy

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Welcome to the Rugby Kicking Academy. 

Rugby is the greatest sport on the planet. It demands continuity for a full 80 minutes. No timeouts, please! The game is a contest at every play. 

As we train, play and travel as a team, we forge the bonds that last a life time. The games intensity demands teamwork. And no matter what shape or size you are, there's a role for you in rugby.  A chance for all to be as one. And through this teamwork we are united. As a team, as a brotherhood.
Kicking in the game of Rugby offers massive opportunities for teams to get out trouble, play for field position and put points on the board. Kicking in rugby is often overlooked as a skill, and that's why Rugby Kicking Coach Mike Parsons founded the Rugby Kicking Academy from Sydney, Australia.

A strong kicking game will help any team regardless of the style of play. A competent kick is a perfect companion to a splash of running rugby. Strong Goal Kicking with some tactical kicking for field position will give most teams a chance of victory.


Learn How to Goal Kick

Place kicks accounted for 45% of all points scored in 582 international Rugby Union matches between 2002 and 2011.


Learn How to Drop Kick

The Drop Kick is the hardest of all kicks in rugby. The ball is moving and must bounce on the ground first which increases complexity.


Learn How to Torpedo Kick

The Torpedo or Spiral kick, is challenge but can deliver the most distance of any kick.


Learn How to Up & Under Kick

The Up and Under kick can be a massive weapon on the rugby pitch. The kick is mostly about launching the kick very high and allowing the team to rush forward towards the receiver.


Learn How to Chip and Chase

The Chip and Chase kick is hard. It requires a gentle touch whilst running at speed. It can be lethal against a blitz defence.


Learn How to Punt Kick

The punt is one of the most versatile and most used kicks in rugby. 


Learn How to Box Kick

The Box Kick has become a popular tool in Rugby. The kick is unique in its mechanics because the kicker strikes the ball over their shoulder.