How to Goal kick in Rugby

Place kicks accounted for 45% of all points scored in 582 international Rugby Union matches between 2002 and 2011 (Quarrie & Hopkins, 2015). In fact, a Goal Kick regularly decides a game. So it’s worth mastering.

Here are the essential steps in performing a Goal Kick:

1. Set up the ball on a tee, pointing the seem at the center of the posts.


2. Look through the posts to a point directly in the middle of the posts. Focus on the strike point on the ball where you will make contact. Line up the strike point with the line to the middle of the posts. Raise your arm in the direction of the posts as you approach


3. Keep your eye on the strike point as you approach. Land your plant foot in line with the ball.


4. Keep your hips pointing towards the posts and follow through after the strike to ensure you use your momentum for power. Don’t just stop at the tee after the strike.


Let’s watch Scotland’s, Chris Paterson.

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