Welcome to the home of Rugby kicking. Kicking in the game of Rugby offers massive opportunities for teams to get out trouble, play for field position and put points on the board.

This site is written by Rugby Kicking Coach Mike Parsons from Sydney, Australia.

A strong kicking game will help any team regardless of the style of play. Just a strong Goal Kicking game with some tactical kicking for field position will give most teams a chance of victory.

We’ve just started, so we’ll have lots of new kicking tips coming soon. We believe kicking is an art form that has an enormous impact on the game.

We are focussed on discussing the following types of Rugby kicks;

  • Drop Kick
  • Up-and-Under
  • Box kick
  • Grubber
  • Chip-and-Chase
  • Punt
  • Penalty shots and conversions