The Essential Rugby Kick Clinic

After running a lot of different Rugby Kicking sessions this season, I thought I would compile the essential Rugby Kick Clinic.

The focus on this format is to empower the athlete and make sure we address mechanics and technique for a great kicking style. Also, it’s crucial to make the session fun and varied.



Kicking Clinic: 10 players max

* All drills in pairs

Day 1

1. Onboarding

Parents and introductions
Handout: tees

2. Warm up and stretch

Watch full stretch video


3. Video and kicking analysis

Record each player using Hudl


4 Chip Kick Drill: Basic static and walking

Game: Chip over crossbar and into a grid/box



4. Punt Pyramids Drill

Game: punt into the bin or a grid/box


5. Bomb Kick Drill

Game: longest hang time


6. Grubber Kick Drill

Game: ten pin bowling grubbers



7. Goal kicks Game: 0-45 degrees

Game: 0-45 degrees, sudden death


8. Drop Kick Game: charge downs

Game: charge downs


9. Final game: kicking force backs


Day 2


1. Warm up and stretch


2. Video and kicking analysis results in group session




3. Tailored program for each player:

Drop Kick, Up-and-Under, Box kick, Grubber, Chip-and-Chase, Punt, Penalty shots and conversions




4. Final game: kicking force backs


5. Warm down

Mike Parsons