Kicking Modifications in Sydney Junior Rugby


Kicking in junior rugby matches varies based on age modifications and team style. For players and coaches, it's important to understand these modifications so the kicker trains and performs to the best of their ability.

The dropkick is not introduced until under 10's, so players should focus on goal conversions and punts until that age. Here's the critical kicking modifications and insights for Sydney Junior Rugby.

Kicking Modifications in Sydney Junior Rugby.jpg


Under 6 and 7's

There's only a punt for kick off in this format. Kickers should practice watching the ball and keeping the head down. Nice and simple.

Under 8 and 9's

Kicking gets fun at this age. There are optional conversion kicks available to the team. While only 10 meters back from the goals, this is a coach opportunity to help get the kicking basics right. Good setup and mechanics.

Under 10 and 11's

The tricky old Dropkick starts at this age. Another fun kick to master, but the drop kick requires a lot of coaching support. Kicking for touch on penalties is also a good additional kick that's introduced at this time.

Under 12's

At this age, all kicks are allowed, but players tend to limit their kick in general play due to power and consistency concerns.