How to kick rugby conversions with Bernard Foley and Beauden Barrett Breakdown


Last week New Zealand easily beat Australia 38-13 at Stadium Australia as part of the Rugby Championship and the Bledisloe Cup 2018. 

This was far from the best kicking game you would ever see. But that doesn't mean there wasn't anything to learn.

In fact, two of the worlds best Fly-half's demonstrated areas of improvement in their goal kicking.

Bernard Foley Improvements (see video below)

  1. Increase side angle in the approach to the kick to improve straightness of the flight of ball

  2. Increase the length of approach to the kick to improve distance of the kick

Beauden Barrett Improvements

  1. Improve balance and alignment by raising the Rodeo arm further
  2. Straighten the hips towards the target to avoid hooking of the kick