How to do a Rugby Box Kick

The Box Kick has become a popular tool in Rugby. The kick is unique in its mechanics because the kicker strikes the ball over their shoulder.

The kick is primarily executed in the half back position to serve offensive and defensive needs. A well executed Box Kick can turn the opposition teams around and reduce attacking options for the receiving team.

Kickers find the Box Kick challenging due to charge down pressure from the opposition and the need to time the ball drop to make the ensuing tackle “contestable”.


Here are the essential steps in performing the BOX kick.

  1. Stand with both legs firmly planted shoulders width apart.


2. Transfer ball from the forward to the backside across the hips. Your weight will transfer the front leg to the back leg.


3. Position the ball into parallel to the breadth of your body. Not at 90 degrees as you would with a Punt Kick.


4. Take a large swing with leg and hips and strike the ball to generate an intense end over end spinning of the ball.


5. Allow a generous follow-through of the kicking leg while keeping the head down.



Watch Fourie du Preez master the Box Kick.