Dan Carter

Dan Carter

How to do a Rugby Drop Kick

The Drop Kick is the hardest of all kicks in rugby. The ball is moving and must bounce on the ground first which increases complexity. Just to make kicking even harder, some Drop Kicks are performed in “live play” where all players and the kicker are moving. This accounts for the Dropkick being rarely used. The Drop Kick on average is 2 percent of total points scored in a game.

Despite being a rare event, the Drop Kick is deadly when done well. It provides three points which can make or break a game. So this kick can make a big difference towards the end of a tight match.


Here are the essential steps in performing the Dropkick.

1. Plant the non-kicking for firmly. Really stamp into the ground.


2. Keep your chest head over the ball.


3. Keep your head down to improve alignment


4. Make immediate contact on the bounce and have reduced follow through for the length of ball travel, rather than height. (usually for field goal attempts)


5. Make slower contact with the ball and scooping follow through for height. This helps the kicker to get under the ball, rather than through the ball (usually for restarts)


6. For longer kicks, make a full follow through.



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